Sunday, October 17, 2010


Music makes me so happy. I always listen to music day & night. I love to find songs that remind me of my friends, when i do i listen to them with a smile on my face. I've been listening to basshunter lately, it reminds me of Aya. She sent me a song by basshunter and i started listening to his music. I love it. Recently I've discovered a few songs on my ipod that remind me of Maren. One is called "My Best Friend" (Kinda a love song, but the beginning is what matters to me) the other is called "Missing You" Which reminds me of Aya, Maren, Camille, Stephanie, Amy, and Trent. Another song that reminds me of Trent is called "Electric Feel Remix" He and his friends made a video and put this song in it and i really like the video and song.
"Missing You"
"My Best Friend"
"Professional Party People"
"Electric Feel Remix"