Wednesday, October 19, 2011

House Of A Million Pets

This is an alternate ending i wrote for the book "House Of A Million Pets"

Today I adopted another rabbit; I’ve named him spot. He is white with one black spot on his back. He is quite an active little guy and only a year old, but no one wanted him because he is missing his left ear. The fact that he doesn’t have a left ear doesn’t matter to me, every animal deserves a chance. Spot is my favorite rabbit that I’ve ever had. He is one of the only animals I have now. I have my two dogs and spot. I let him run around the house all day. I’m sure all my other rabbits would have been jealous of spot. He gets into things and causes trouble all the time. One day I had been cooking and left the cupboard open and he snuck in and got in a bowl and curled up to take a nap. Later I heard a strange noise in the kitchen, I looked around and realized it was coming from the cupboard I opened the cupboard and sure enough he hopped out.
             My grandkids love spot they chase him around the house for hours. It is Spot’s favorite game. They even play hide and seek. He scampers around the house and the kids’ count to twenty and by the time they are done Spot is hidden. I’m sure Spot didn’t know he was playing hide and seek, he probably just thought of it as roaming around the house as he did everyday. The kids thought it was so cool that a pet rabbit would play hide and seek. 
            Spot hides behind doors and when you walk in the room he jumps out and attacks your foot, then scampers away as to say, “I got you again!” One day I walked in the laundry room to do some laundry and he was hiding behind the door, he jumped out and attacked my foot, it scared me so bad I dropped the laundry all over the floor.
            Years later Spot got really sick and I think the vet would have been able to cure his sickness, but when I started to realize he was sick I took him to see a vet and they said it was too late. I didn’t know how I was going to tell my grandkids. I went home and kept asking myself if I should call and tell them or wait until they came over the next time. How awful would that be? So I decided to call them. My grandson, Zac, answered the phone. I wasn’t ready to tell him yet so I just asked him how he was doing, finally I said, “Zac, I have something to tell you I didn’t call just to see how you were doing. I called to tell you that Spot died.” We both started to cry. I told him that I would get another rabbit but he said I shouldn’t because no other rabbit will be like spot.